Monday, July 13, 2009

My Identity

Omg! Seriously, now! How does ALWAYS know which Daily Dose to send me??
Yes, like I told the passing stranger in Machaneh Yehuda the other night, "there IS a G-d up There!"
"You need to decide what you are. If you believe yourself to be angel, be prepared for some disappointment. If you think of yourself as a beast, you may well become depressed. Best to know you are human. Stay away from situations you can't handle, and face up to the mess when you fall down. That's even higher than the angels."


C said...

Were you in Israel this week? Or last? Or the week before?????

the sabra said...

Hon, I'm ALWAYS in Israel. And, Israel is always in me. And, you were in my room today :)

Rachel said...

Igal: "G-d create a butt so you have something to fall on."

Someone just said that here. You wrote "fall down." See the conn.?

the sabra said...

I do.
Regards to Yair Smith, plz. Thanks.