Wednesday, July 29, 2009

נחמו נחמו

Gifted souls enter this world and shine. All that surround them bathe in their light and their beauty. And when they are gone, their light is missed.
Challenged souls enter, stumble and fall. They pick themselves up and fall again. Eventually, they climb to a higher tier, where more stumbling blocks await them. Their accomplishments often go unnoticed—although their stumbling is obvious to all.
But by the time they leave, new paths have been forged, obstacles leveled, and life itself has gained a new clarity for all those yet to enter.
Both are pure souls, G-dly in essence. But while the gifted shine their light from Above, the challenged meet the enemy on its own ground. Any real change in this world is only on their account.

Just reread that Daily Dose from Tzvi Freeman and it reminded of today's shiur. Double comfort for the loss of two batei mikdosh. But huh? Why would we need to be comforted (with the Third House) over the Second? The First, we understand--twas of greater holiness-had 5 things that the Second didn't. Yeh, but one is Tzaddik light from Above and one is Baalei Teshuva light from us. (We live in a time-and-space world. The 2nd Home was longer and bigger) Actually, the Mishkon was Tzadik-which I just spelled with one 'd' vs the line above, which is the line above here while I'm typing but don't know how it will be once posted-the First was Beinoni and the Second was Rosho. The Third-hope it comes NOW-will have all the benefits of each.

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