Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amusing Snippets

"You're the mathematician!"
"I am?"
"You're Russian. All Russians are mathematicians."
"But I'm not a mathematician.."
"Don't tell me that. If you do, I may have to revoke your Russian citizenship..which, actually, I'm sure you'll be happy with anyhow..."

That conversation, as well as the following email made me laugh-

'I saw a lubavitch girl in school today. a student. and even though she doesn't know im her friend, i got excited.'

good times..good times...


Chaya Y. said...

ma hakesher with schonigs?

Chaya Y. said...

russians are engenierRs

Rachel said...


the sabra said...

Rachel-heehee yup, she's the one who said it! ;)

Chaya- lolll true! I was thinking of that when I was typing. The kesher was that the same person who made the engineer claim, made the russian claim. The russian was michael.