Sunday, June 14, 2009

But For You

Not for Justice, nor for Peace
Not for kidnapped soldiers' release.

Not for Chenya, sis of m'friend
Not for Hatred to forever end

Not for Approval, nor for Praise
Not for fear of Punishment's ways

Not for Pride, nor for Gain
Not for establishing my name

Not for Friends, nor for Foes
Not for "That's the way it goes"

Not for Health, nor for Death
Not for the 10-year-old's last breath

Not for Logic, nor for Calm
Not for any lasting Balm

Not for Guilt, nor for Respect
Not for anything I expect

Not for Bonding, nor for Souls
Not for any private goals

Not for her father, nor for her brother
Not for any single other

But for You and only You
Your commandments, will I do

But for You and only You

Author: Unknown


Altie said...

wow that is powerful.

the sabra said...

Ye and it ought to be that way for all of us, all the time.