Wednesday, May 06, 2009

When Ye Give a Gift To a Soldier...

So you made them feel good for a few minutes, gave them a towel, a bag for water, a watch, a vest, so what?
Does it really make a difference?

The root of these beautiful gifts...the true strength ... the power infused into the soldiers from all who donated to make it happen...transcends the physical dimensions and properties of the donation the soldier received.

Think of it the way we soldiers do.

You didn't just give the soldier a bag of water.
You held his head on the dust-choked sun-burned fields he defends, and lovingly poured cool, life-giving water down his parched throat, and told him, hush, it's okay, you will be home soon, we love you.

You didn't just give him a towel.
You caressed your child's aching soldiers, aching from weights physical and emotional he shouldn't have to carry, and said thank you.

You didn't just give him a T-shirt.
You ran in front of him with a banner and proclaimed loudly to everyone, I love this person and I support him, even when the world shrouds his name in darkness.

You didn't just write a card, or buy him chocolate, or look at him one day on a bus and say, thank you for defending our country.
You cupped his soul in your hands and warmed it with the love, and the hope, and the light from yours, and gave him one more burst of strength to take on the day, you gave him the ability to survive. You gave him the ability to turn his heart into a blazing torch to ward off the darkness and pain of evil. You saved his very essence.

I want once more to thank, with humility and deep love, the giants who come time and time again to help the soldiers. I want to thank those who give a little, and those who give a lot. I want to thank those who realize that they are the builders of the soul of our soldiers, and I wish them continued success. What do I have to offer? You who give us all these precious gifts, what can we poor, regular soldiers give to you, by way of thanks?

All we have to offer, is a blessing that you have descendants as special as you, that you are granted the ability to continue your great work, and that you be rewarded in Heaven, and defended there, by the army of soldiers you helped make happier.

Thank you, you giving and caring souls the world over.
Thank you.

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