Friday, May 22, 2009

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You shall not fear during a time of war (Negative Commandment 58)

Deuteronomy 7:21 "You shall not be terrified by them"

When a Jewish soldier is called up to the battlefront, he should trust in HaShem. He should realize that he is fighting for the sake of the Master of the Universe.

The Jewish soldier is commanded not to fear the enemy. He must gather all his courage and rely on HaShem to protect him.

Whoever retreats from the enemy because of fear violates this Negative Mitzvah.


( The Technological Brigade of the IDF is developing a new system called the Dust Remover to reduce the harmful dust clouds generated by the use of tanks and other armored vehicles. The system uses a sprinkler mounted behind the vehicle to consistently disperse drops of water on the ground as the vehicle passes through. The sprayed water keeps dust on the ground and prevents cloud formation. And, because seawater can be used, the Dust Remover does not waste water.

Dust stirred by the movement of armored combat vehicles damages neighboring agricultural areas by disturbing the photosynthetic process of plants. It also makes it difficult to breathe and prevents small animals in the area from moving. While the IDF is hopeful the system will be implemented by next year, the Dust Removers will be used mainly for operational purposes and for the transfer of the vehicles to assembling areas because of the large quantities of water they need to carry.



Heard "באנו חשך" today n yesterday n yesteryesterday and Hebrew rocks for havin words such as "שלשום" and "מחרתים" and here's this-

באנו חשך לגרש .בידינו אור ואש.כל אחד הוא אור קטן .וכלנו אור איתן

.סורה חשך, הלאה שחור.סורה מפני האור


etc (heehee)

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