Friday, May 22, 2009

To be Jewish is to rebel.

To be Jewish is to rebel. Refusing to answer the phone on Shabbat is a rebellion against technocracy. Keeping kosher is a rebellion against consumerism. Getting up early in the morning to wrap in a large, white woolen sheet, twist leather straps and boxes upon your arm and head, join others in mystical incantations and read from an ancient scroll -- is an outright rebellion against anything considered normal in modern day life. (This is Tzvi Freeman's writing, btw-not mine, hasabra k'dabra. To read the full article, click the link at the end.)

Do you know the story of the rabbi standing out on the street looking for a tenth for his minyan? Finally, he found a Jew. But the fellow tried to turn him down, explaining, "I'm not into organized religion."

"If this were organized religion," the rabbi exclaimed, "what on earth am I doing out on the street harassing pedestrians?"

To paraphrase the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Judaism can never be called old fashioned -- because it was never in fashion to begin with.

So, whoever came up with this oxymoron, 'orthodox Judaism'?


es said...

I was gonna compliment you on your geniosity, but then I realized it wasn't yours. Still, compliments on the copying and pasting.

You gotta love being a rebel with a cause. Viva la revolution!

the sabra said...

ya, everyone's gotta start checkin out the labels, the tises. (omg weird lookin word right there)

viva la café!

Baruch said...

tiss- sounds like Freeman
good stuff

the sabra said...

oh! just got it-you suggestin we do 'tiss' for the plural of 'tis'? if so, you just may be a genius.