Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Faith

Eliezer from InterAliyah writes here that he went to a silversmith to repair a candlestick. When he dropped it off, he chatted with the owner a bit. The owner is an older man who made aliyah with his wife not that long ago. He told Eliezer that he was a silversmith in the old country, had retired, and moved here to Israel.

If he's retired, why is he working?

The silversmith explained that he needs to keep his skills in shape, because when Mashiach comes, and the Bais Hamikdash is brought back, we're going to be getting all of the gold & silver keilim (utensils). Since some people say that they were hidden in the ground, they are going to be needing a real good cleaning when they come back up. And who better to give them a good shine and a touch up than an experienced & qualified silversmith?


Altie said...

wow. halevai we could all live our lives with a moshiach mentality.

C said...

WOW!! Inspiring.

the sabra said...

altie, we can.
c, I know, right?!
I'm always thinkin of this guy..

Altie said...

can, will, 2 different things. easier said than done.

Tamir said...

The story seems rather reminiscent of al kapav yavi(על כפיו יביא), written by Yoram Taharlev and sung by Rivka Zohar.

the sabra said...

Yup, I thought of that as well when I first read it. Well, the English one. Neva heard the Hebrew version. Thanks for introducin me :)

Can I ask how you found my blog?