Sunday, May 31, 2009


Q. What did the green hat say to the mischievous dog?
A. כל הכבוד! כל הכבוד!



C said...


the sabra said...

Um it's pretty clear, dear. Don't know what else to add. Um maybe

"Why did the sandals flip excitedly?"
"Cuz it heard 'חשיש'"

But that one's not definite. Disclaimer.

Chaya-just ignore :)

mom imposter said...

good one!

ich said...

it's me! it's me!

es said...

Ever mysterious. I wonder: If you intend your blog posts to only be understood by you, then why is your blog open to the public? ;-).

C said...

the touristy sabra said...

ya ya c-was gonna tell u bout that. heh.

es-cuz my brain gets overcrowded. also, nearly everything is understood by SOMEONE. also, cuz.