Friday, May 22, 2009

המנהלת המערה


Chaya Y. said...

love it!

es said...

Really? A bumper sticker with your name on it? Seriously?

No, not narcissistic at all ;).


the sabra said...

Esther you are so missing the beauty and sababa'ness of this. NOBODY can get their name on sucha sticker-nobody except for benzi..and now, me!

Yes, dear friend, I rock in awesomeness.

Oh thank You dear G-d for making me rock in awesomeness.

Chaya, thanks for appreciating :)

es said...

Really? Rock in awesomeness? Seriously?

I mean narcissistic AND grammatically perverse? HOW are we friends???

Just kidding. I think that is actually THE reason why we are friends. Yes, it is your self obsession, made-up words and convoluted phrases that draw us together. And cuz I rock in awesomeness too. :).

the sabra said...

Uh, no.
It's cuz we're both fribbers and as an endangered species, we stick together. THAT is the reason we're friends.
Oooh remind me to tell you bout "ringetz". THEN you will see that I truly rock in awesomeness.

the sabra said...

you never reminded me, esther