Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yonah Baumel, Father of Missing Zechariah, Passes Away

Yonah Baumel, father of missing IDF soldier Zechariah Baumel, passed away over the Shavuot holiday. The funeral was held Saturday night. He is survived by his wife, as well as children and grandchildren.

Baumel became a symbol of efforts to find Israel's missing soldiers. He was an outspoken critic of the various Israeli governments and the Chief Rabbinate whom he felt were not aggressive enough in finding his son, who was last heard from 27 years ago. Zechariah Baumel was lost in south Lebanon in 1982 in the Sultan Yacoub battle, when he, along with three other soldiers – Ariel Lieberman, Hezi Shai, and Zohar Lipschitz, went missing. Lieberman and Shai were taken prisoner and were returned to Israel after a lengthy period. Lipschitz was killed, and his body was returned to Israel a year later. Baumel's whereabouts and status remain unknown. (source)

Daven for Zecharia Shlomo ben Miriam


Q. What did the green hat say to the mischievous dog?
A. כל הכבוד! כל הכבוד!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

ישועת השם כהרף עין

Tonight is Shavuos
Shavuos is ו' סיון
ו' סיון is three days before ט' סיון
Two days ago, Rabbi Moshe Levinger, (who suffered a stroke a year and a half ago), fell and broke his hip. He is now undergoing surgery.

Please pray for the full and speedy recovery of Rabbi Moshe ben Tirza HaLevi.

Monday, May 25, 2009

One Minute of Torah Phone Call

In memory of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg הי"ד, a daily/weekly One Minute of Torah phone call has been established.
Now you can easily start off your day with a brief Torah thought.
Sometimes super simple, sometimes super smart; sometimes super sharp, sometimes super sweet.
But always super short n always super significant.

Click here for the site with more info and to sign up.
Click here for the blog to review/discuss the Torah thoughts.

May this added learning be the "scale-tipper" to the side of good...
...and the cause for the immediate arrival of our Righteous Moshiach!

"Leaders" II

"Leaders" (quotes intended)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Faith

Eliezer from InterAliyah writes here that he went to a silversmith to repair a candlestick. When he dropped it off, he chatted with the owner a bit. The owner is an older man who made aliyah with his wife not that long ago. He told Eliezer that he was a silversmith in the old country, had retired, and moved here to Israel.

If he's retired, why is he working?

The silversmith explained that he needs to keep his skills in shape, because when Mashiach comes, and the Bais Hamikdash is brought back, we're going to be getting all of the gold & silver keilim (utensils). Since some people say that they were hidden in the ground, they are going to be needing a real good cleaning when they come back up. And who better to give them a good shine and a touch up than an experienced & qualified silversmith?

"Thy children shall come again to their own border"

All the way on the bottom of the blog's sidebar (on the right) there is this little icon with the faces of the three kidnapped soldiers and a link to the website their parents made for them. I visited the site again, just now, and donated some money for Gilad Shalit. Tzedakah always helps. I looked in my sent mail to see if I've donated before and I saw that I did and that I had included the following message-"I daven for your three sons every day and I daven that Moshiach should come and bring us a time when all our children will forever be safe!".

Three sons.

Three sons, I was praying for.
I still am.
But now two of them have "l'iluy nishmas" before their names.
We want Moshiach now!

Two-State Solution

A contradiction in terms.

Friday, May 22, 2009

המנהלת המערה

"If I don't see you tomorrow", she says while I'm maneuvering outta their car, "I expect to see you on Tuesday [ed: at her wedding]."
"Oh, okay. I better come in tomorrow then!" I reply immediately with a grin.
"No, no! That's not what I meant!"
I sprint off as she continues to farfumble :D






war mitzvah, dust article, palestine quiz,באנו חשך etc

You shall not fear during a time of war (Negative Commandment 58)

Deuteronomy 7:21 "You shall not be terrified by them"

When a Jewish soldier is called up to the battlefront, he should trust in HaShem. He should realize that he is fighting for the sake of the Master of the Universe.

The Jewish soldier is commanded not to fear the enemy. He must gather all his courage and rely on HaShem to protect him.

Whoever retreats from the enemy because of fear violates this Negative Mitzvah.


( The Technological Brigade of the IDF is developing a new system called the Dust Remover to reduce the harmful dust clouds generated by the use of tanks and other armored vehicles. The system uses a sprinkler mounted behind the vehicle to consistently disperse drops of water on the ground as the vehicle passes through. The sprayed water keeps dust on the ground and prevents cloud formation. And, because seawater can be used, the Dust Remover does not waste water.

Dust stirred by the movement of armored combat vehicles damages neighboring agricultural areas by disturbing the photosynthetic process of plants. It also makes it difficult to breathe and prevents small animals in the area from moving. While the IDF is hopeful the system will be implemented by next year, the Dust Removers will be used mainly for operational purposes and for the transfer of the vehicles to assembling areas because of the large quantities of water they need to carry.



Heard "באנו חשך" today n yesterday n yesteryesterday and Hebrew rocks for havin words such as "שלשום" and "מחרתים" and here's this-

באנו חשך לגרש .בידינו אור ואש.כל אחד הוא אור קטן .וכלנו אור איתן

.סורה חשך, הלאה שחור.סורה מפני האור


etc (heehee)

To be Jewish is to rebel.

To be Jewish is to rebel. Refusing to answer the phone on Shabbat is a rebellion against technocracy. Keeping kosher is a rebellion against consumerism. Getting up early in the morning to wrap in a large, white woolen sheet, twist leather straps and boxes upon your arm and head, join others in mystical incantations and read from an ancient scroll -- is an outright rebellion against anything considered normal in modern day life. (This is Tzvi Freeman's writing, btw-not mine, hasabra k'dabra. To read the full article, click the link at the end.)

Do you know the story of the rabbi standing out on the street looking for a tenth for his minyan? Finally, he found a Jew. But the fellow tried to turn him down, explaining, "I'm not into organized religion."

"If this were organized religion," the rabbi exclaimed, "what on earth am I doing out on the street harassing pedestrians?"

To paraphrase the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Judaism can never be called old fashioned -- because it was never in fashion to begin with.

So, whoever came up with this oxymoron, 'orthodox Judaism'?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ella Gorgeous [b"h!]

Establishing Bonds

Day 41 - Yesod of Yesod: Bonding in Bonding

Every person needs and has the capacity to bond with other people, with significant undertakings and with meaningful experiences. Do I have difficulty bonding? Is the difficulty in all areas or only in certain ones? Do I bond easily with my job, but have trouble bonding with people? Or vice versa? Examine the reasons for not bonding. Is it because I am too critical and find fault in everything as an excuse for not bonding? Am I too locked in my own ways?

Is my not bonding a result of discomfort with vulnerability? Have I been hurt in my past bonding experiences? Has my trust been abused? Is my fear of bonding a result of the deficient bonding I experienced as a child?

To cultivate your capacity to bond, even if you have valid reasons to distrust, you must remember that G-d gave you a Divine soul that is nurturing and loving and you must learn to recognize the voice within, which will allow you to experience other people's souls and hearts. Then you can slowly drop your defenses when you recognize someone or something you can truly trust.

One additional point: Bonding breeds bonding. When you bond in one area of your life, it helps you bond in other areas.

Exercise for the day: Begin bonding with a new person or experience you love by committing designated time each day or week to spend together constructively.

Excerpt from The Spiritual Guide to Counting the Omer, by Simon Jacobson. ©Copyright The Meaningful Life Center, 2009. All rights reserved.
"I may be your brain, but you're my conscience."

Please Pray


May she live a long life, many days, with perfect health.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Guess who...

I bumped into the other day. Nope, this time twasn't literally...


Each journey the soul travels takes her higher.

There are journeys that are painful, because there is struggle. Struggle to wrestle out of one place to reach another, struggle to discern the good from the bad and put each in place, struggle to face ugliness and replace it with beauty. But in each of these, a sense of purpose overwhelms the pain and brings its own joy.

Then there are journeys that seem to have no purpose. Where nothing appears to be accomplished, all seems futile. There is no medicine to wash away the pain.

But every journey the soul travels takes her higher. It is only that in some, the destination is a place so distant, so lofty, she could never have imagined. Until she arrives.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ל"ג בעומר's almost after :)


I know, I know.

Different Name, Same Sentiment

Why do I have this sub zero tolerance for stupidity? Today's source of boiling aggravation starts with "L".

Then there's this post I just came across-"Sedatives; Soldiers; Sign Language". It's a good one.

But y'know why I'm not, thank G-d, stumbling into depression/recklessness/anger?
Cuz I got my ol music back :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A New Day Will Dawn

A new day
will dawn
I awake.


I don't want
to go
to sleep.

When Ye Give a Gift To a Soldier...

So you made them feel good for a few minutes, gave them a towel, a bag for water, a watch, a vest, so what?
Does it really make a difference?

The root of these beautiful gifts...the true strength ... the power infused into the soldiers from all who donated to make it happen...transcends the physical dimensions and properties of the donation the soldier received.

Think of it the way we soldiers do.

You didn't just give the soldier a bag of water.
You held his head on the dust-choked sun-burned fields he defends, and lovingly poured cool, life-giving water down his parched throat, and told him, hush, it's okay, you will be home soon, we love you.

You didn't just give him a towel.
You caressed your child's aching soldiers, aching from weights physical and emotional he shouldn't have to carry, and said thank you.

You didn't just give him a T-shirt.
You ran in front of him with a banner and proclaimed loudly to everyone, I love this person and I support him, even when the world shrouds his name in darkness.

You didn't just write a card, or buy him chocolate, or look at him one day on a bus and say, thank you for defending our country.
You cupped his soul in your hands and warmed it with the love, and the hope, and the light from yours, and gave him one more burst of strength to take on the day, you gave him the ability to survive. You gave him the ability to turn his heart into a blazing torch to ward off the darkness and pain of evil. You saved his very essence.

I want once more to thank, with humility and deep love, the giants who come time and time again to help the soldiers. I want to thank those who give a little, and those who give a lot. I want to thank those who realize that they are the builders of the soul of our soldiers, and I wish them continued success. What do I have to offer? You who give us all these precious gifts, what can we poor, regular soldiers give to you, by way of thanks?

All we have to offer, is a blessing that you have descendants as special as you, that you are granted the ability to continue your great work, and that you be rewarded in Heaven, and defended there, by the army of soldiers you helped make happier.

Thank you, you giving and caring souls the world over.
Thank you.



A Land Where...

...everyone knows someone who was killed. holy forefathers walked on.
...everyone's a brother.
...friction and love stream side by side.
...everyone feels at home.
...everyone IS at home.
...hitchhiking is the norm.
...G-dliness either shines brilliantly or slyly seeps through.
...soldiers become taxi drivers.
...synagogues and buses can take you anywhere.
...everyone's a scholar, a poet and a priest.