Monday, April 27, 2009

"you became friends with what???"

Yes, I became friends with some Arab kids.
I'm sick of all this hate and coldness, tension and animosity, frigidness and seething.
I smiled at some youngters, said "Salaam" and "Ahlan" and asked them how old they are.
I waved when I left and I turned back after a bit to see them waving back at me.
Next time I passed, they called out to me.
I like it this way better.
I'm sick of all the separation and the anger. The lack of love.

To be sure, I'm not saying I won't use our relationship to walk in with a poison-filled chocolate one day, but in the meantime...


Rachel said...

Won. Der. Ful.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Man, do you live in Chevron or something?

I remember my own year in the old city (Jer.); I felt there was a pretty nice relationship between the Jews and Arabs there (considering, of course, the sporatic Arab youth marches, the fact that nobody wants to go to the Muslim quarter out of fear and the fact that that fear is well founded. But compared to other cities I think it's a pretty working relationship (הלואי it should be like that in עזה and שומרון).

..though I never chilled with any Arabs there, but then again I never chilled with any Jews outside of my circle either..

Esther Chana said...

The last part made me crack up! :)

C said...

We had 14 Arabs at our Friday night dinner. Was an interesting phenomenon.

es said...

Chava darling, I am very proud. Took you long enough to come around ;).

David_on_the_Lake said...

now...if only all the world...

bee tee said...

Wow... Times are a-changin...
Does this post ring a bell? ;)

Once, in Chevron, walking up the hill to Menucha Rachel, we passed a group of (Arab) kids playing soccer on the road. Without a sound, they quickly move to the side of the road. I don't know why, but it was just the strangest thing to see. We hadn't asked them to move, the Chayalim were out of earshot, and we hadn't even looked at them, let alone any "kind" of look. I tried to read their minds as i passed, but the look in their eyes was something i had never seen; not just fear, not just submission, not just hatred... something far stranger, deeper, scarier... For the first time i understood why someone would want to blow themselves up in the prime of their life.
Some people find it more shocking when children show hatred, rather then adults. but they are too young to differentiate, to understand that we hate what they have become, not them.

the sabra said...

Just read Dual Discovery. Traces.

Re the post-ha! You're good. But no, same sentiments. Ichsa adayin.
I don't like golus :(

the sabra said...

And also, talk more about Chevron, everybody. I love it.

bee tee said...

I couldn't agree/disagree more =)

"Just read Dual Discovery. Traces."
You mean "read" Loshon Avar or Hoveh? What is/are Dual Discovery. Traces?
(גוגלתי את זה ולא יצא לי)

(Ichsa is such a great word.)

the sabra said...

It is. It also was the source of much fun when we pretended, on the train, that we thought it was a positive word. No more details, just a fun memory for me :)

Dual Discovery--a historical drama that takes place durin golus mitzrayim times. I just finished readin it and brought it up cuz of the traces of enemy/kids hatin us/golus times in it. I know, I don't write very clearly for the stranger. The stranger being anyone outside of myself.

the sabra said...