Friday, April 24, 2009


a strange feeling, it is
frozen and so light
yishtabach shemo

who thinks shomron is coming to chevron for shabbos? (none of you noticed that my blog colors are chevron colors, eh?)

how did it get to be 5:08 in the boker??

with crinkled eyes, chuckling from "pumping in" and my magav jacket
a happy heart cuz of pashah who looks like barak and cuz of tonight's partisans



the sabra said...

ahh yes, twas indeed a joyous time. peace and happiness. sderot trip. the partisans. mendy. yeah.

the sabra said...

Who's mendy and whats the pumping in? I wonder.

Came here to comment on how I still think longingly of my Turkey trip. Turkey!