Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Standing Together Barbeque

A Message From Marc Gottlieb:
Important information if you're planning to volunteer (and even if you're not)-

Based on numerous requests for more information (okay, only one and you know who you are, MB...), here's a rough guide for Yom HaAtzmaut volunteers :
1) Wake up with a smile knowing you're going to have an amazing day
2) Get dressed in comfortable clothing that is going to smell like smoke
3) By 10AM, arrive at the base/location where you're going to do the barbeque (we'll let you know where to go, and you'll be with other volunteers)
4) By 12PM, cook lots of meat, shmooze with lots of soldiers, knock over the ketchup for the third time, drink your fourth bottle of water, make new BFFs with the other Standing Together volunteers
5) By 3PM, finish the last piece of cake (it looked lonely), help the soldiers clean up the last table (because they insist on doing something..), explain to the hundredth soldier for the hundredth time that they shouldn't be thanking you, take the "group photo" on a tank
6) By 6PM, Facebook your friends, ridiculing them for not making aliyah/coming to the barbeque, post photos, wash your hair for the third time because you still smell like scorched hot dog, and re-run the wash
7) By 6:05PM Go to sleep totally exhausted but with a smile on your face because you knew you'd have an amazing day.

All times are estimated, except when you fall asleep. Showers and washes are short; we're in a water crisis after all.If you're volunteering, sababa! If you can't, could you mebbe kick in a few shekels/bucks/euro at to help out? Sababa!


C said...

So jealous of you.
Like very.

Rachel said...

I'm making falafel for 60 loud teens.

You win.

es said...

Some lady from this organization called me saying you gave her my number. And that she wants to meet with me when she comes to America. Please let her know that I really don't have the funds to be a sponsor. I mean really Chava, does that surprise you? Buying you lunches in Baguette Toast are about as far as my reckless spending can go....

Rafi G. said...

"smell like scorched hot dog"!! I love it!

Ben said...

Great Post! I liked your schedule. Will pass on the post to my friends. This is Benjamin from Israeli Uncensored News

the sabra said...

Es, she didn't say she was interested only in sponsors.

Rafi, heh personally it was about scrubbing off all the black marks I had from fighting with the מ''פ over their mag ;)

C, don't be. (agav, I'm jealous of myself)

sonia said...

eifoh tmunois?

rutimizrachi said...

I'm proud of you, and I miss you.

the sabra said...

Thanks Rutima. Good memories from after, as well :)

Temunois are coming. Mesula. Heehee.