Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Son Remains A Son

In the Mitteler Rebbe's moshol of the father who hides from his son and awaits to see the strength of his son's trust, the kuntz is not if the son will remain his son or not--the whole keta is the attitude of the son while he doesn't see his father.

So, you're a chossid now that you don't see your Rebbe? You say your Chitas, you go on Mivtzoyim, you arrange farbrengens? Big deal.
The test lies in the strenth of your trust, the depth of your joy.


Dovid said...


Rachel said...

You should really make this blog more friendly for Moroccan Es En Oh Bees. Kuntz?


Rachel said...

Hi Dovid. Go study.

chanie said...

I like. :)

the sabra said...

Kuntz is keta is nekuda is point is someone help me get the right word here.

Dovid said...

Rachel- Yes ma'am, after this

Sabra- Kuntz means trick