Thursday, March 05, 2009

Rising Above Stones

I never realized how many Hayom Yoms talk about the importance and necessity of reciting words of Torah on the streets. Yesterday's Hayom Yom led me to this one--

It is said of the Time To Come: "A stone in the wall will cry out and a beam from the tree will respond." At present, inert creations are mute; though trodden upon, they remain silent. But there will come a time when the revelation of the Future becomes a reality, that the inert will begin to speak, relate and demand: "If a man was walking along without thinking or speaking words of Torah, why did he trample upon me?"

The earth trodden upon has been waiting for millenia, ever since the Six Days of Creation. All kinds of living creatures have been treading upon it all this time, but it is waiting for a Jew (or two Jews) to walk on it while discussing Torah. But if they do not say words of Torah, the earth will protest: "You too are just like an animal!"


the sabra said...

From (one of) today's Hayom Yoms:
When someone walks the street and thinks words of Mishna or Tanya, or sits in his store with a Chumash or Tehillim - that is more valued today than it was when the streets were bright with the light of Torah. We must not go about in the street with a vacant heart.1 We must have some Torah memorized, to take with us into the street.

Dovid said...

Ya its been showing up in a lot of the hayom yoms lately.