Sunday, March 29, 2009

Episode 66: The Woohoo Shabbos

Awesome shmawesome, all the way.
From the kids being home to the food to the atmosphere to the shul to the guests to my friends.
"Friends! Woohoo!"

Menuch says that although I haven't been there in years, it feels completely normal that I'm back. Gosh I loved that.
"Loved that! Woohoo!"

M- being frightening and N- feeding the baby (ahem!!) and D- singing and cheering away, all brought major laughs on my part.
"Major laughs! Woohoo!"

Old memories and new ones, sentiments reinforced and sentiments introduced, familiar and brand-new--a satisfying and content, peaceful and thrilling, solid and discovering, nourishing and junky, funny and hysterical Shabbos weekend.
"Shabbos weekend! Woohoo!!"



rutimizrachi said...

This is my happy face, joyful for the joy of my friend: :-D "Woohoo!!!"

es said...

HAHAHA. You. Are. Hilarious. No really, hilarious. Good times my friend. Wooooooooooo (with a LOT of enthusiasm).