Monday, March 09, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Send Mishloach Manot To IDF Soldiers:

10. The Hamentashen from Sderot taste better.
9. More pictures of cute soldiers.
8. The calories look better on them.
7. If you're in Israel, you can help deliver them.
6. We're going where other organizations can't even dream of going to.
5. A truckload of goodies opens doors.
4. They would do it for you.
3. No kittens are harmed in the process.
2. A personal note from you in every package.

And the number one reason...

1. It's only $10... and that's keeping it real!

Order today!


mishmum said...
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mishmum said...

What a nice idea. Wonderful! Thank you for posting.

Chaya said...

Wish I saw this yesterday... (or before)

the sabra said...

Oof that's so nerdy. Walla, hashgocha pratis, I mean. (and next time, I'll be more responsible..b'ezrat hashem..)