Sunday, March 15, 2009

When All The Brothers Come Home

"It's really so nice here," the young Israeli woman confided.
By 'here', she was referring to the Friday night Shabbos table of the local Chabad Shluchim. Seated around the table were citizens n tourists, singles n couples, students n businessmen. Some had been coming for months and for some, like the Israeli woman, this was their first visit. They ranged from completely observant, to traditional, to "in the process of converting". They hailed from Northern and Western Europe, from Israel and from all over America.
"It feels just like when I'm at home in Israel and all the family is there for Shabbat", she continued. And then she made a wide sweeping motion with her hands which included everyone at the meal, as she explained, "You know, when all the brothers come home....."


mishmum said...

Hailed from Europe...yaffe...

the sabra said...

Technically, should be "snowed" from Europe. Ouch, I know.

Takk! I had it there for SO long, btw.