Monday, February 23, 2009

remove this burden

Dear L-rd..
Please..remove this..
this BuRDeN..
this burden called talent..
from my shoulders..
because..while it smolders
there's nothing in sight.. light...
just..make me a
with no creative plans..
give me a simple hut..
where I need not worry..about
slipping on unread letters..words..
lying strewn about the floorboards..
where I won't be kept awake..
by the shrill sound of my voice..
where the unseen panic (fear)..
of wasted years..
are unborn..
and give it to someone
shrewd and resourceful..
(rude) and forceful...
and let...


umm...and let..

by golly...
Thank You G-d..!

My jaw dropped when I read these words by david on the lake; it was entirely me. I often think of it as a blessed curse..then as a cursed blessing..then realize, it's a pure blessed blessing.
(So is the discovery of my thoughts expressed by others. (I've since rescinded this statement) (for the time being, lifachot))


chanie said...

I thank you. It is me, as well.

mishmum said...

Och,I thought you wrote it. But the L-rd and G-d epes wasn't you. You may wanna change it.

the sabra said...

Ohhh you mean cuz it was without a dash? Yeh I just changed it, thanks.

Mimi said...

I love this.

And of course, relate.

Though I can't be so sure I am talented. But, you know.

Hope you're swell.

the sabra said...

Thanks, hope you are also :)