Friday, February 06, 2009

More War (not cuz it rhymes)

Reaction to Gaza : Dry Bones cartoon.
And also this is "exactly!"
And also this is "exactly!"
(Nope, that wasn't a mistake. Two diff things)

"My son came home from Gaza just a few minutes ago. He came home as we had sent him off, only more tired, worn and dirty", writes Ilene Bloch-Levy from Shaarei Tikva. "He smiled as he opened the bag of goodies and told me about the elementary school children from Mevasseret Zion who had attached notes with their gifts. He spoke with three of them to thank them personally. One child wrote a three page letter and the soldiers in my son's unit were grateful to learn more of this 8-year old's daily life, his favorite subjects and his fondness for playstation. When they called to speak with him, he was overwhelmed and kept calling them "gibborim" heroes.

"Ima" he said, "I'm tired now, but I have to tell you how extraordinary this nation is. The children who wrote to us, the people who sent their good wishes with their packages of food, the businesses that sent truckloads of goods. The soldiers I served with, each one caring deeply about the other one. Zahal who made sure that we were well trained and well equipped for our mission. But mostly. Mostly. This was a war that was guided by the Hand of G'd. Everyday we felt His presence -- whether deciding to enter a building by smashing down the back wall rather than entering through the front door, only to discover that the front door had been booby trapped, or searching rooms in a house and uncovering a tunnel under a bed we had lifted where tens of Hamas terrorists were hiding in the hopes of kidnapping one of us, or dozens more stories."


With a ceasefire like this, who needs a war?

That's it for now, cuz I wanna post this letter from a soldier, in a separate post...

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