Friday, February 06, 2009

I feel alive again!

I started this post at the beginning of the week. I felt compelled to express and to spread the lightness and the laughter-the LIFE-that I was feeling at the time.
I didn't end up finishing it then and the next day I was really NOT in an "alive" mood. I continued it, though, in the hopes that if I finished and published it, it might just make me "feel alive again".
And back and forth the week went and now, finally, I'm finishing, publishing, and MOVING ON!

It started last night with the dining room lamp. He turned it on and I made sure my grimace of displeasure was VERY obvious. (I didn't care as much as I pretended to. But yknow, sabra'le takes things to the extreme.) He noticed it and dimmed the light a bit. I expressed shock that he knew I wanted the room dark. He grinned. "You're an open book. It's impossible not to know what you're thinking, feeling." Of course I denied it, he insisted, I insisted, he kept laughing how transparent I am, I nearly had to tell him about my blog in order to show how NON transparent I was...
It was merry.

It made me feel more at home again.

Then this morning, he mentioned the dryer purchase. And the refrigerator.
"Oh ye?" I'm impressed. "You guys got a new one? Where you putting the small one?"
"In your room, whadaya mean?" SO straight faced.
I start to sputter and then I realize he's joking...
"Hey!" says he, "I've been around a certain someone for the past coupla days and I learned how to keep my face serious when I say such things..."
"You know", I say, "I was almost considering putting shelves in your empty office cuz anyhow you guys dump all the food there [cuz it's so cold]"
"Or," he counteracts, "we can really just put all the food in your room."
"Oy is my room too cold?" (I'm concerned the other rooms are gettin drafty cuz of mine.)
"No, no. What I'm saying is that we should open the windows very wide and keep it like that so then it will always be cold enough for the food. You still have some space in the corner."
"Right. And there's also an empty wall somewhere, so let's hang up a rod-why should we bother having a coat closet when I still have some space in my room..."

We laughed. It's a never-ending joke.

He reaches for a chocolate and after he 's done, he puts the container back in the corner behind the door.
"You have to find a better hiding place for those, you know." I tell him. "I'm already measuring and figuring out how to drill a tunnel from my bedroom to those chocolates."
Over his hearty chuckles, I call out "Mach duh Gaza!"

It's a really good feeling to be around people who can relate to more than one area of your life. (I know, I know--this blog.)

The next day he informed me that we got new phones.
"Now we have three handsets, so you can have your own and keep it in your room."
"What's the catch?"
"Well, you gotta keep it charged. You can't just leave it off the base--"
I interrupt him. "HEY! I'm ALWAYS careful with charging it, it's---"
He dashes out of the room.
I'm sittin there shakin my head. Sabba turns to me confidentially "Don't vorry, eferyone knows it's impossible to get a hold of him through his cell phone because he is alvays having no battery on it. It's a known thing that it's him"

Ahem. I feel a lot better now.

I told him many times to correct me, behaviour-wise and language-wise, when he sees/hears me err. He 's not comfortable with it-"I'm not your mashpia." I insist it's the only way I'll learn and he doesn't have to feel bad if I'm the one asking for the criticism.
"It's 'zug meer'" he corrected my Yiddish, today.
"Oh, so you're my mashpia?!" I pretend to be irritated.
He caught on...after a minute.

Then, he spent hours cleaning up the kitchen. I walked in as he was just finishing.
"Whew. At least the kitchen is clean...!"
Me: "Huh? You're done? This is called clean?"
He's about to throttle me...

So you see, it's not just that the laughter brought lightness and the lightness brought laughter.
It brought life.
Wit brings peace brings life.
I felt alive again!


the sabra said...

(Was it Shimon Peres who just said that there is no victor in war?)

mishmum said...

OH, ya VERY funny. Good!! Very good.I am glad you can bring some laughter and humour to his life. B"H. Enjoy!

Mach do Gaza!! HEHE

the sabra said...

Didja notice the "behaviour"?

O and thanks :)

mishmum said...

No, because that is normal for me.

the sabra said...


Rachel said...

I noticed it. And my English teacher once threatened to deduct points for it.

You've distracted me A LOT now.
(I'm not the sort of person that blames others for my own irresponsibility, y'know.)

the sabra said...

I don't talk to creepy midgets.
Nor to creeps.
Nor to midgets.



(I, at least, have an excuse.)

the sabra said...


Zehu, time to go to sleep.

Rachel said...

omygosh im so insulted im gonna cry.

and i think you mean urrrlloooooo.

the sabra said...

-burst out laughing-


mishmum said...

Rachel- Hi, and if your teacher was REALLY an English teacher she wouldn't deduct points....

Have her call me.

Rachel said...

She was a he.

And he scarred me a bit. My last post I used the word "grey" and i wasn't sure which way was the American spelling, and then I was gonna post about him (actually started writing) and then realized it wasn't the point of the post.

Sabra got me annoyingly chatty when I was in the middle of being serious and slightly vicious. And then she left.

Well, hello to you too, Mishmum.

And don't worry a bit, I long ago took care of him.

mishmum said...

Way to go Rachel! Takes care of her teachers. Wunderbar.

Rachel said...

No thanks, I'm on a diet.

mishmum said...

LOL!! Wunderbar, is my version of "wonderful" in Yiddish/german.

Rachel said...

Can I use it?

Thank in advance. (Flashback: first time Mishmum commented on Roadside Rambles she pre-thanked me.)

Did you bake your challah yet?

mishmum said...

Yes, you can use it. Do I look like i own the words?

My Challah I eat, I don't bake.

Rachel said...

Well you did say it's your version...

Well did you eat it already, or were you going to offer me some? Rachmum seems not to have baked any yet, and Sabra emailed me amazing aromas that got me hungry.

I'm not really feeling Sabra's blog colors.

the sabra said...

Rachmum lolll

Sabra got in the mood of orange.

Chaya says it makes her feel Gush-Katify.

I like that Sabra got Rachel chatty.

The Challas were good.

the sabra said...

Oy this is even more embarrassing. Nu nu.

the sabra said...

"She was a he."


Rachel said...

(I hate when I re-read things I wrote when I felt chatty.)

I like this post.

the sabra said...

And I love rereading things you wrote when you were chatty. Be more chatty and more often.

Ye thanks me too but it's embarrassing to know they he (they) can see how much it meant to me..

the sabra said...

Rachel, be chatty again.