Thursday, February 19, 2009

I don't wanna go to New York!

But Rachel says to get over myself I mean to go with a good attitude cuz Hashem wants me there.

So, every time these things happen like I decide, right before stumbling into bed, that it would be really nice of me to clean the kitchen which has not seen a cleaner since four days prior and could really use even six minutes of my input, and so though I'm barely able to keep me eyes open, I get more and more into it and I'm clearing away and scrubbing and organizing and sweeping and sorting with an eager vigor at the same time that I'm yawning and nearly sleep-walkin (notta contradiction), but keeping in mind whatta mitzvah it is and how pleased they will be when they wake up, and I go to sleep with a smile on my face (no, not cuz I snuck a chocolate durin the de-balaganning) and then I wake up the next morning and see the cleaner merrily scurryin to and fro (no, she's not a mouse), I think of the piano vs pianist part of this article.


chanie said...

Wait...are you in Israel?

the sabra said...

Physically? No.

the sabra said...

And, what am I waiting for and how long should I wait and can I do stuff while I'm waiting?

Rachel said...

1. You made me wash the dishes now. Nice, eh? Points for you.

2. No, no. Don't have such an ego.

3. "...Get over yourself." ... Some students at the Hebrew school saved some man and were all over the news. Some stuff happened that I don't feel like typing, even though I'm harrassing your comments section now anyway. Basically, middle of everything, "get over yourself" popped into me head.

4. Rachel is wise beyond her years. Like so old, she's older-than-your-tennis-shoes sort of wise. She requests that no Har Sinai comments be made to this. Nor any comments about tennis shoes.

Rachel said...

older-than-tennis-shoes forgot to subscribe.

the sabra said...

Saved some man? Tell me more. I said NOW. (well, I meant it, at least)

Btw, I really DIDN'T sneak any chocolates. The way it's written now, it seems as if I snuck but that wasn't the reason I was smiling. That's not the case.

the sabra said...

har-sinai comments, hehe
we used to have FUN, iranina