Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"אני מאמין בשמש גם אם אינה זורחת.

אני מאמין באהבה גם אם איני חש בה.

אני מאמין באלוקים גם אם הוא שותק"


Rachel said...

whose quote?

the sabra said...

It was written on a basement wall in Germany (some say France) during the Holocaust.

bee tee said...
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bee tee said...

So beautiful, so true.
The diff between the first two and the last one is, with the first two the belief is based on when the sun was shining and when the love was felt. With Hashem, belief is not enough, we need בטחון.
Something this person definitely had...

חדש טוב ושמח

Rachel said...

Wow. Chills.


the sabra said...

bee tee-
I don't understand what you're saying. Mind explaining?
And yes, amen--it should be a good and happy B'GALUY month for all.

Yea. I know. I heard it in a song years ago and had no idea where it came from--thought it was his original work. I loved loved loved it-the first line the most. I was listening to it on Tuesday and the parallelism of the song to the day's memories struck me. Before I posted, I went to research if there was a source prior to the song and indeed there was. I, too, had chills when I read the story of the words. The message with the picture was all the more meaningful and powerful.

Now you have it, the full story.
(feels weird on my blog, eh?)