Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Many Things To Blog About

Here are some of the open tabs:

Torah learning as payment.
Directions to Beit Aryeh.
Humorous story that offers more than humor.
Comic relief (/wishful thinking) with Israel, the Arabs, and a lawnmower.
American Airlines enforces crazy policies.
Australia for sale.
Today, anti-semitism from hundreds of years ago.
Vote for the best country; Israel's winning.
Surprising stance taken by BBC.
Picture-perfect, but war.
Converting YouTube videos for Ipod.
Thinking about Amona.
Kids book based on Tanya (read 3rd to last paragraph).
Brilliant question, '94 DryBones cartoon.
The 2 IDF songs.
Names of the wounded.

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the sabra said...

O, small detail-links are in the periods.