Friday, January 30, 2009


I have one friend on the highest plane.

And one friend on the lowest.

But that doesn't make me in the middle.

It makes me way up high and way up low.


I don't feel half good and half bad.

I feel completely good and I feel completely bad.


I rejoice and I sigh

with equal force,

with equal attention,

with equal authenticity...


I’m totally high and I’m totally low.

I do not think "the other has it bad" when I laugh with your news.

I do not think "the other has it good" when I cry with your blues.

Just as your gladness is in my bones, in my blood and in my heart,
So, my heart and my blood and my bones all carry your sorrow.

It's a strange balance.

It's a strange non-balance

I cannot share one with the other-though I do long to-because of privacy.

(the good not yet known; the grief not to be known)

I would not share one with the other-though I long to-because of respect.

(allow the good, unfettered; allow the grief, unfettered)

It's a tough balance.

It's a tough non-balance.

soaring sinking soaring sinking soaring sinking


so powerful; so focused


It's a draining balance.

It's a draining non-balance.

I cry.

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mishmum said...

Woah!!! Hoah!! This is a qualitative piece of work! Sai the writing and sai the friendship.