Monday, January 19, 2009

Music Video Salute to IDF

אל תירא ישראל
כי גור אריה הלא אתה
ואריה כי ישאג
מי לא יראה
I just love it.
So incredibly heart-thumping...


the sabra said...

...and catchy, oh my!

Rachel said...


(I get 0.5 points for hearing about this first. But you heard it first. Felt like acting 5 years old and pointing it out. :))

I love the part they inserted with everyone sending their brachot.

the sabra said...

Hearin about it from me, you mean? Like live-kvetch on three minute callin cards?

Btw, it's not called actin like a five year old. You have to be very responsible, mature and organized to keep track of points.

Yes, the brochos are so super cuz it just emphasizes our unity and concern for one another. Didja listen/watch the other song as well?

Rachel said...

1. not you.
2. i appreciate that.
3. didn't get to all of them... will do soon.

the sabra said...

3. ye u must. just readin the words in english will give u chills. they will. (if not, i'll come n dump ice tea on you and THEN the chills will come)

2. good.

1. ok