Thursday, January 01, 2009

On Strength

Lisa offered it to me and I refused.
"You know what's gonna happen", she warned, "you say 'no' now but when you get home, you're gonna give in...."
"Nope," I replied cheerfully, "I won't. Strength breeds strength".
"Not in my world", she shot back.

Immediately, I felt pity for her that she did not live in my world.
Afterward, I realized that she DID live in my world; she just didn't know it...

That was hours and hours ago.
I didn't feel very strong later that night, though.
For the reason she predicted, for other reasons, and for the reasons about those reasons.

I had many harsh posts to write.
Many tough, bitter and scathing posts.
But no internet.

Then just now I finally got an internet connection.
And this is what Tzvi Freeman and (may they be blessed!) had to say:

Beginnings are hard. For good reason. If they were easy, we would prowl into each new venture like a snug fat cat.

When you begin pent up in an iron cage, a tiger comes out. A tiger that breaks through the door of its cage and pounces with a vengeance.

Bless those cages, those impossible brick walls, those rivers of fire that lie at the outset of each worthwhile journey. Without them we would be only as powerful as we appear

I thank You, G-d.
I thank You for redefining strength and for shining a light in Your dark world.


afroson said...

sabra, nobody writes like you

the sabra said...

wow (gulp) thanks!

the sabra said...

O wow, Lisa..

o wow Son-you are sucha complimenter. I miss you reading my stuff ;)