Friday, January 02, 2009

a jew is in pain

-I was emailed a request to put this up on my blog-

Yitzhaq Navon (56) from Bat Yam, is critically ill with impaired kidney function, he needs urgently a kidney transplantation. In the last few days Yitzhaq has been confined to a hospital bed in Wolfson Hospital, Holon. After a operation to remove three of his toes from his left foot, due to kidney failure.
He lies in the bed hardly able to breath and is asking " Please help me to live with dignity, I've almost forgot what it is like to live a stress free life without having to worry about the next operation that I may need because of my kidney failure. How much can a human being suffer?".
Four years previously Yitzhaq was living in Holon and he suffered a stroke and then kidney failure. Since then in the last few years he has had received dialysis treatment three times a week, for four hours every session. Yitzhaq is on the waiting list for a kidney transplantation in Belinson Hospital, Petah Tikva. Due to a long waiting list and his suffering, his family decided to try and raise the money to buy him a kidney privately. The price of a kidney for a transplant in outside of Israel is around $ 100,000, so far family and friends have managed to raise 30,000 shekels.

Anyone willing to kindly help with a donation, can make payment to:
Bank Leumi, Tel Mond Branch # 835, to account # 2298335, for Yitzhaq Navon, kidney transplantation.
For more information you may contact his niece Dianne 09-796-4897,or 054-4859037
Thank you. Tizku l'mitzvot.

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the sabra said...

Haha how scammy of me to help promote illegal kidney purchasing.