Monday, January 19, 2009

It's A Numbers War

It's really not. I just wanted to write that. And every time I see the word "disproportionate", my blood boils. Ok fine, confession time, I don't know if my blood really boils, but I do gnash my teeth. Er roll my eyes, is more like it. Man I feel like BBC or something, gettin all my facts n opinions mixed up.

Anyhow, here's my number war:

1. Oohwah, how exciting--Muqata political analysis: As Hamas is rounding up and torturing Fatah loyalists in Gaza, Fatah needs to prove that they are just as anti-Israel as Hamas, and will begin perpetrating a wave of terror in response. This explains the latest surge in West Bank attacks since the cease fire.

2. Even though many have disproved this theory re killing jews vs goyim, I still find it fascinating:
When Shimon and Levi destroyed the inhabitants of Shchem, they first made them all get circumcised. The common explanation why they did that is that by them getting circumcised, they had been weakened, thus making it easier for Shimon and Levi to then be able to wipe them out.
Another explanation: Had Shimon and Levi killed them out with no circumcision, they would have been killing non-Jews, and the whole world would have screamed about the Jews killing goyim. Because they first circumcised them, thus in essence converting them, now it was Jews being killed. That is something the world can live with and let happen with no protest.
For 8 years Jews have been under fire, and the world remained silent. Suddenly the Jews are fighting back and killing non-Jews in retaliation, and the world is up in arms.

3. Saw this on Seraphic Secret from Day 21 and HAD to share it:

IDF soldiers in urban, three dimensional battlefields, must smash holes in walls between buildings in order to avoid booby traps. So expert are the IDF at this form of warfare that Israeli officers were dispatched to Iraq to train American troops. Thus, numerous lives were spared.

4. Sderot Blog, Here's an excerpt: We stay alert at all times. If Avi takes a shower, I need to be nearby listening for the alert, ready to grab him out of the shower if need be (and vice versa). If we drive somewhere, we tune our radio to channel 104, the army channel. All Tzeva Adom alerts are broadcast on that station, so you can immediately get out of your car and run for cover. We also drive with seat belts off, and windows open, just in case. (Several of the people who have died from Qassams were in their cars when the attack occurred.)

Where do we run? Well, Sderot is pretty well prepared. There are bomb shelters of every shape and size everywhere you look – almost every ten meters you have one. The idea is that you are always within fifteen seconds of a shelter. However, this concept is flawed in its execution. Some areas are covered with shelters. But some residential streets have none. If you are on a residential street in the middle of a Tzeva Adom alert, you run into the nearest house. This is what happened today. As we heard the alert, we saw a flash of two people in front of our house. We ran, opened the door, and the two young guys followed us, running into our bomb shelter. We waited to hear the explosions, they thanked us and were on their way.

5. And finally, I can't NOT write about that Arab kid who hurled a rock at a passing car recently. Go read it. It's too perfect.

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