Friday, January 02, 2009

"Dear Shluchim" Song

Lyrics & Vocals by Chaim Fogelman and Benny Hershkovich

Says Fogelman: Now that we've all had a chance to take a closer look at the lives of our dear shluchim and the whole world got a firsthand look at their mesiras nefesh and devotion, I felt that we should salute and honor them.

We should not have to wait for devastating tragedies to recognize the preciousness of the shluchim. We should not have to experience such heartbreak to awaken us to stand united and do all we can to bring Moshiach.

I hope this song expresses how indebted the world is to our wonderful shluchim. Together, let's fill the world with Hashem's light and with goodness and kindness.

I would like to thank Chony Milecki and Benny Hershkowits. A very special thanks to Dovid Weinbaum for his video production skills and for his devotion and driving force behind this entire project.

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