Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"The 'ways of Chassidus' are that all Chassidim are to be like one family, with affection, as Torah teaches. Chassidus is vitality. Chassidus is to bring life and illumination into everything, to shed light even on the undesirable - to become aware of one's own evil exactly as it is, in order to correct it. "

(The Tzemach Tzedek explaining the Alter Rebbe's words, to his son.)


pennie said...

hundreds of years, tears,whole lives - all just packaged into a neat little 4-liner - it's so amazing!
we farbrenged about this tonight.
wish you were here - i'm sure you would have had something good to add

the sabra said...

Ha, I'm sure I would have had something to take. I'm in sore need of some farbrenging, myself.