Monday, December 01, 2008

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indica chabad
soldiers keep on marching fogelman
our hearts are shattered at the news from mumbai where, rabbi gabi and rivka holtzberg, were among those murdered in the terrorist attack on the chabad house th
rivki holzberg
nariman chabad house
rabbi gabi ricky holtzberg
gavriel noach ben frida bluma rivka bas yehudis
prayer for gavriel holzberg
gabi rivki
rabbi gabi holzberg
gavriel holzberg
gavriel holzberg rivka
nariman chabad
gavriel noach holzberg

What I Can Offer You:

The choked and sobbed words of the 7th Chabad Rebbe as he spoke about the suffering in the world-

If He [G-d] is truly capable of anything,
then why can't He provide good without the bad?

And if His Torah contains the answers for all questions, why does it not answer this one?

There could be only one answer:

He does not wish us to know,
because if we knew
we might consent.

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