Sunday, December 21, 2008

The 'What Can I Do?' Page

I keep refreshing it-I like to see the mitzvos climb-It makes me stronger.
I have it near my Gmail-It's a constant reminder-It keeps me in place.

What Can YOU Do?

The question is not "Can I do?"; it's "What can I do?".
And the question is to YOU. Cuz you CAN do something.
So, do.

Now, there are 9,871 Mitzvos.

I see the "What Can I Do?" tab and it keeps things in perspective for me.
I see the "What Can I Do?" tab and it reinforces the knowledge that we CAN do something.

See the "Response to Mumbai Massacre" post below.


the sabra said...

Now there are 9,873.
Add yours.

the sabra said...


the sabra said...


the sabra said...

10,500 mitzvos added