Thursday, December 25, 2008

Two Years Since That כ''ח כסלו

....I notice that one flame had gone out. One wick stood empty, stood cold. I was so shocked. So taken aback. These are my flames. My lights. My menorah. I lit them. I prepared the wicks. I brought it from them. These lights can't go out. How can they? So I tried relighting it but it wouldn't go. The lights just wouldn't come back. The flame wouldn't catch. So I used a match to knock the wick outta the glass and then fiddled w/ it for a bit till I felt confident that it would allow itself to be ignited. And I put it back in the olive oil and this time when I lit it, it worked. But those moments that the wick was out, lyin on the silver-foiled chair, those moments were hard. In a weird way. I felt too connected to the candles. And then I continued learning. And then when I looked up soon after, to check on my candles (as I had been doin every coupla minutes since I lit them) I noticed something that made my heart nearly sing. I saw the third flame-the wick that wouldn't relight-leaping and bending higher than the others. I saw my wick dance with pride. With true pride. And humility. My light was higher than all the other ones. Yes it had gone out but then w/ the relighting and the adjustment of the oil measurements, it reached heights previously incapable of.

Neshomos. Moishie's neshama. Twas taken away-the fire burnt out..the heat gone, now limp and cold-his body, his family, his world. But in just a few minutes Hashem will send him back and he will be stronger than before. Taller and stronger. Proud. Proud and humble. He will come back even better than before. Yeridah litzorich aliyah.

It's been a long "few minutes", G-d. It's been a long long long few minutes. It's really time to end this. It's time to bring back our little brother. All our little brothers. All our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. Time to bring them all back, forever.
It's time, G-d. It's really really time.