Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Two Lubavitchers in The Kitchen

It's not just a breath of fresh air--it's a whole spirit of life that is seeping into my being.

"I gotta do AskMoses at eleven."
"Beisi, beischa!"
"I once drove Ovadia completely mishugeneh on it."
"The Eibershter is.."

One of them hums a niggun.

"We got much more security put in for the Chabad House."
"Listen, what does being a shliach mean to you?"
"When people ask him if he went to the Rebbe's chasuna, he says 'No. For two reasons. 1, I didn't get an invitation and 2, I wasn't born yet.'"
"He lives on Montgomery Street."
"And listen! He's not a big guy--this is a shmecky shliach with fifty people!"
"It wasn't for lack of trying." "No, farkert!"
"She was the guest speaker in Colorado??" "Loi pochois v'loi yoiser"
"I couldn't believe it-she came back from the Kinnus Hashluchim with a tape of her speech!"
"He raises his voice, l'orer es habuchi."

One of them hums a niggun.

"Well, the vort is.."
"We set it up for the Chabad House like that."
"When I come to put on tefillin with the guy.."
"He says to me, b'poel, if something happens.."
"B'davka...es shtait...when we have our new Chabad House, b'ezras hashem.."

One of them hums a niggun.


I'm sighing with content. I'm with family.


mishmum said...

Ya. I know EXACTLY what you mean.
Like my M.L. :)

rutimizrachi said...

Beautiful snapshot, Mamaleh. I'm kvelling.

the sabra said...


mum--LOLL, so now you OWN the guy, ah?

chaya--yes, i knew you would like it. oh! i didn't even tell u the funniest funniest FUNNIEST part! i mentioned it online briefly but oh my, something that funny has to be told and retold and retold for a long long time.
(twas about comparing the diff families and the hechsherim omggg too too funny!)

the sabra said...

Good memories, good memories