Friday, December 05, 2008

Song for the Holtzbergs HY"D

Composed and played by Benny Hershcovich...for the Kedoshim

Six years, dedicated over to you.
A Chabad House in India for every Jew
Warm hearts and smiles, given to all,
Shluchim heeding to the Rebbes call.

Our minds left numb, cant figure it out.
Our hearts so torn, we scream and shout.
A two year old boy now left orphaned
Youre supposed to watch over them.

With Tracht gut - zain gut we did go.
Is this out of the rule book, like a summers snow?

Do we stop? Do we let the terrorists win?
Or perhaps we get together start it again

Do we increase what they were doing double as much?
Ad Mosai?? Enough is enough!!!

Chorus: Oh Rebbe Show me, tell me why
Your Shluchim, so given over needed to die.
Their blood Our wounds heal and mend
Please Rebbe, make it end.

They will shoot, they will kill and they will darken night
But well never stop marching forward, spreading your light.
Till the corners of the world will shout as one.
Times up! Let Moshiach come!!

Yiddishkeit will explode, in their memories sake.
We will move, we will build whatever it takes.
Though we mourn and we cry, with so much pain.
Their Neshamos wont have gone in vain

And very soon we will understand -
when every Chabad house is taken to the Promised Land.
The Shofar will blow, Moshiach is here.
The Rebbe standing with his Shluchim oh so dear.
Attached to 770, a building so high

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Mongrel said...

To be honest, the background is this dark it, is uncomfortable to read.