Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Diary... 5 Kislev, 2008.


My day barely even began. It's only 9:45am. But I just want to share the feelings going on inside me now.

5:30am I woke up, got dressed and went to Lubavich Yeshiva on Albany to gather with everyone together, watching the Levaya of two of the holiest souls that lived in this world of late.
When I got there, the room was already packed. Collive claims that there were 2000 people there in total. I did not see the women's side, but probably 6 to 700 men were for sure there. I don't know... Just my opinion. But it sounded good nonetheless.
Watched the Levaya. There were times where the entire room just erupted in sobs. Emotions were so tender and raw at this gathering. Something I've never ever experienced. It was Mamosh like it was a Levaya of our closest friend, brother and sister (Chas Veshalom). Open weeping towards the end.

But the point of this article is just to make mention of some memorable and incredible things that were said or that happened there in Kfar Chabad, Israel.

Rabbi Metzger: Broke down crying at certain parts. He said was incredible thing. He spoke about how the picture of the Rebbe fell from the wall, but stayed complete. Using that as a metaphor to what happened to Chabad. The 'picture' of the Rebbe falls, yet he remains complete and undamaged in any way!

Rabbi Shemtov
: Read a letter of condolence to the families from President George and Laura Bush. Then went on to speak about how Chabad will build bigger and greater.

Rabbi Lau
: Told the story of Pharao'h princess daughter Batya going into the inferno to save a young boy Moshe. Moshe was floating on the very river which was meant to drown the Jewish boys, floating and surrounded by death and distruction, yet Batya came and saved his life. Comparing That story to Sandra Samuel, the heroic nanny who grabbed Moishe'le from the hell and saved his life as well

Rabbi Rosenberg
: Was by far the most emotionally challenging speaker. Being the father of Rivka, he had everyone sobbing uncontrolably in the room. He was crying, speaking of how Moishe'le will grow up to be the Shliach of Mumbai. He was crying and we all were crying, when he spoke of how amazing it was to see what the Holzberg couple accomplished in this year of Hakhel... Bringing together so many thousands of Yidden with such Ahavas Yisroel. We all were crying when he declared Shlucho Shel Odom Kemoso!, how the blood that was spilled is the Rebbe's blood!!!

Rabbi Holzberg... Gabi's father: Didn't really speak. But we all burst out crying, when he got up to the mic and told everyone in Yiddish how thankful he was to Hashem for giving him such a son, who was given the merit of dying Al Kiddush Hashem and inspiring so many.
His Bracha Dayan Haemes was unforgettable. He began the Brocho clear and loud, but when he came to the last two words, Dayan Haemes he shouted it out into the microphone with all his might. It shook everyone in the room to the core.

all in all, I'm ready for another day.

But real quick, here's what I have to say about it: If the terrorists are giving that much of themselves to destroy the world, then we will give just as much to build and brighten it.
I wish to strap myself up with explosives of goodness and kindness. In blind faith, I am ready to step into the most crowded markets and darkest places, when I will then proceed to detonate this "goodness bomb"! A bomb which will bring smiles and happiness to anyone who dares to look into it.
I will smile at everyone.
I will say good morning to everyone.
I will care more about my fellow Jew. Even if I don't give change to the Russian man who lingers in 770 asking for loose change. I will nonetheless smile at him and wish him a wonderful day. And mean it!
I will try to spread as much light of goodness as I can.

I will be a Goodness terrorist!!

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