Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More about Mumbai...



Some things you might not have heard about the outrageous murders in Mumbai by Muslims.

1. According to a DEBKA report, the victims in Chabad House were tortured before being killed. Indian doctors who saw the bodies said they were "shocked."

2. Rivka Holtzberg, the young Rabbi's wife, was six months pregnant, her father told mourners.

3. Yediot Acharonot reported that the Torah scrolls in the ark at Chabad House had been pierced by gun fire. The tear in the scroll came in the Torah portion "After the Death of the Saintly" or in Hebrew: Achra Mot Kedoshim.

4. During the memorial ceremony in the Mumbai synagogue held before the bodies were transferred for burial in Israel, the eulogies were interrupted by the cry of two-year old orphan Moishe Holtzberg who cried out "IMA!"

5. The heartbreaking photo of a crying and distraught Moishe in the arms of the Indian housekeeper just before boarding the plane to Israel made the front page of all Israeli papers. This little boy's expression shows what the heroes of the "religion of peace" have managed to accomplish by tying up his pregnant mother and shooting her in cold blood because she was a Jew.

6. Tens of thousands of Israelis attended the funerals of the Holtzbergs and the other victims in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities.

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