Sunday, December 28, 2008

Joining the War

Rafi G. just took a taxi and when he got in, the driver was listening to the news about the war, as pretty much everyone is right now.

The driver groaned and said "War".

Said Rafi back to him "Actually, there has been a war for a while. Just now we finally joined it."

I found that rather telling.

(The driver cracked up as he said he loved the line and would use it.)


the sabra said...

(We think it sounds better in the original Hebrew of the conversation rather than in English)

the sabra said...

Also, please say a prayer for the safety of Yehoshua Adam ben Sara Imeinu, a young man who is in-or is going into-Gaza today.

esther said...

It is a great line. I repeated it to my father last night as a matter of fact. He thought it was genius. He also thought I came up with it myself. I didn't correct him. :).

chav said...

You go back and correct him THIS MINUTE, young lady! You go and tell him that your BEST friend (ahem) thought of it and you are ashamed for stealing credit even temporarily.

aw alright-tell him it was rafi's

Rafi G said...

I dont need the credit... unless you are also willing to pay royalties every time you use the line!!! :-)