Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hope for Baby Aliza!

Gosh, am I really reporting good news?
-pinch pinch-
Ye, G-d, this sarcasm is, indeed, the protest of a weak one.

From VosIzNeias: .....several weeks ago they said they saw a major improvement; Aliza responded to voice commands. Her family so amazed they took out the video camera.

On the video, little Aliza is asked to move her arm and raise her legs multiple times. She responds to all commands.

Hindy Brycks, her occupational therapist said that there is evidence of brain activity.

Her nurse, who has been with her everyday, said Aliza responds to commands on a daily basis. "It's like you wake up from a dream. Yesterday she couldn't do certain things, today she can move. You speak to her and it's like she's talking back to you.

The family is well aware that this is a long process, but they just wanted to remind everyone how far their little girl has come. "I was amazed, I was really speechless," said Esther Schwab.

Baruch Hashem! And let's hear some more good news...especially for Rivka bas Sheindel.


Rachel said...

YE-AH! May she have a complete refuah sheleimah. :)

Rachel said...

(What's her full name?)

the sabra said...

Ruchama Aliza Sara Chanah bas Esther Liba

(click on the title)
(in general, it's a good idea to check if the title is a link :)