Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Endless Searches...

...that led to my blog these past days from internet users worldwide...

gaby and rivka holzberg
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our hearts are shattered at the news that rabbi gabi and rivky holtzberg, dedicated directors of chabad of mumbai, were among those brutally murdered in the attacks in
we are all chabad jew
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torture of hostages in monday massacre
moshe holzberg has a sister / borther
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...and we're left with no answer.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson is giving a class tonight (Wed, 8:15pm), titled "Mumbai: What Can We Do?" (see following)

Why Is Life So Difficult? Tracing the Soul's Journey
The Mumbai massacre of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg and many other innocent souls has touched a chord, shaking up people all over the world in an unprecedented manner. We are shocked and stunned: How can such a thing happen? A young couple committed their lives to helping others, moved away from the comfort of their families and communities to serve in a distant land. Why and how can they have been murdered so brutally?! Leaving a 2 year-old orphan, shattered families and the rest of us all shaking our heads. And for what purpose? Not money, power or envy. They were executed simply because they were Jewish... Every death is difficult, every murder senseless. But in this instance, the sheer contrast of the Holtzberg's selfless dedication with the extreme cruelty of their deaths is simply unfathomable. It offends every fiber of our beings, assaulting our every sense of justice and fairness. And where was G-d in all of this?

How are we supposed to react to this tragedy? Besides for outrage and unanswered questions, is there anything we can do? How do we avoid succumbing to fear, knowing that this could have happened to any one of us, in any place in the world? And how do we avoid gravitating back to complacency, as time passes and our memories fade? Can we harness the tremendous outpouring of compassion and unity into a lasting experience?

Join Rabbi Jacobson in tonight's special class as he traces the soul's journey into this cruel world, reflected in Jacob's difficult journey recorded in this week's Torah portion. Learn from Jacob how to cope with harsh challenges, and how, in the final equation, we can come out stronger than ever.
Please join us as we unite together to pay tribute to these precious souls, and to find ways to honor their lives.
Time: Tonight, Wednesday night, December 3, 8:15PM. Place: Our new home, MLC@ 6th, 325 East 6th St., bet. 1st & 2nd. Aves., in downtown Manhattan's East Village. $10. Click here to register and for more info. Subways: F to 2nd Ave. 6 to Astor Pl. L to 1st Ave. R or W to 8th St. Maps and Directions.

Tonight's class will also be available for on-line viewing. It will NOT be broadcast live, but will be available right after the class (approx. midnight EST) by clicking here.

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Thank you.

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