Friday, November 28, 2008

Nariman (Chabad) House Cleared

with five hostages...dead ??!

Arutz Sheva: 5 Dead In Mumbai Chabad House Terror Attack

COL: דיווח: 5 בני-אדם נרצחו בבית-חב"ד

IBN says "an elderly rabbi and his wife"

I'm still waiting for them to say it was a mistake.

Sify News says: At least five hostages have been killed at Nariman House, known among Israeli tourists as Chabad House, the Jewish centre targeted by the terrorists in Mumbai. It is not yet clear if the rabbi of the centre and his wife are among those killed.

And then there's this from Adelaide: "Five bodies of hostages have been found. They are Israeli nationals," Eli Belotsercovsky, deputy chief of mission at the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, said.

Ya I can't handle this.

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