Monday, October 06, 2008

Yom Kippur is this week. No, seriously.

The word for "forgiveness" in Hebrew, mechilah, is related to the word machol meaning "circle." Life is meant to be a circle encompassing all our experiences and relationships in one harmonious, seamless whole. When someone hurts us the circle is broken. Forgiveness is the way we mend the fracture.

Though I've mentioned this before on my blog, it is so powerful and guideful that I am sharing it again:

The Baal Shem Tov taught that in the heavenly court there is no one who can judge you for what you have done in your life on earth. So this is what they do:

They show you someone's life -all the achievements and all the failures, all the right decisions and all the wrongdoings -and then they ask you, "So what should we do with this somebody?"

And you give your verdict. Which they accept. And then they tell you that this somebody was you. Being now in heaven, you don't recall a thing.

Of course, those who tend to judge others favorably have a decided advantage.

Better get in the habit now.

PS-Today we have no High Priest and no Temple. But the Holy of Holies still exists—in the depths of our own soul. On Yom Kippur we attempt to reach that purest part of our selves and to connect with G-d there.

We might not be able to stay in that pure place for a long time. It might only be a few minutes. But, as we know, the most special experiences last only a moment. We prepare for these most special times for hours, years, and even decades, and the effort of the preparation is well worth that split second they last.

Begin reviewing the Yom Kippur prayers in order to connect fully with the words when the time comes to enter your personal Holy of Holies.
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rutimizrachi said...

What a beautiful post! I especially like the first paragraph, as it draws a picture for me that is easy to khap. I can see that you are a gifted teacher. My boys will benefit from this lesson, as I will be reading it to them at the pre-fast feast. May your private time in the Holy of Holies be powerful in its closeness. May you come back out into the world even more able to fulfill your particular mission.

the sabra said...

Amen. Thank you for your brocho, Rutima ;)

But oof! I was not clear-this is not my own writing. None of it is. It's from's Daily Dose and from MLC's 60 Day Journey.