Wednesday, October 08, 2008



Rachel said...

This sorta made my blog momentarily famous.

You're a good friend, you are.

Rachel said...

I was heading on over here to add a post-script that read:

"P.S. It would be appropriate for you to reply with a kindly 'you're welcome' here."

Then when I came here I realized I didn't say "thank you."

Oh well.

P.S. Thank you.

P.P.S. Now would be an appropriate time for you to say "you're welcome."

the sabra said...

You're welcome.

(What should I do now?)

Rachel said...

Remember that cuppa tea I just mentioned? Be a dear and bring it for me.

the sabra said...

if you're not sure what you want, i'm not wastin my time. i know you--you're forever changing ur mind about what you want.

(ask me mum bout my soup decisiveness. heehee)