Monday, October 27, 2008

Self-Control & Sin

I'm often reminded about a specific part of my conversation with Daniel.

He questioned if it's difficult to wear a long skirt in the summer. I answered that it is, occasionally. He wondered how it is that we don't get hot. I told him that we do get hot; it's just something we gotta do anyhow. He was somewhat taken aback by the straightforwardness of my reply.

Later on in the conversation, the issue of my back pain came up. When he expressed concern, I sheepishly admitted that I'm greatly to blame because I have a strict routine of exercises that I'm supposed to follow but I generally neglect. He asked why I don't have that same attitude of "it's just something we gotta do". After all, I have such control in the "religious" area of my life, he reminded me.

I was ashamed, at first. As if a religious girl ought to represent perfection in all departments.

And then, I was happy. What an excellent proof for my previous words. Let him see, firsthand, how a sin is to be considered. My modesty in clothing is non-negotioable, even when uncomfortable; yet in personal fitness, I'm constantly shirking. When it comes to issues of Kashrus-shechitah, waiting time, toiveling, pas yisroel- there's no doubt I can hold myself back from eating. But a weight-loss diet? Forget it.

I think about it a lot.


sabra said...

I know, I know - taking care of your body is a Mitzvah.
Explanations/defenses another time.

Pre-K @ Cheder Chabad said...

this i like - good food for thought (working on the weight loss bit so tonight its all the food i'll be getting)

Pre-K @ Cheder Chabad said...

haha did think it would post my cheder ID but hey check it out ;-)....oh and glad to see you survived the night no bolt and all