Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rutima & Abbavi


I plan on putting up a post soon with some of the wonderful words that were shared by the dude* (with her permission, of course. Of course. Like, really-would I dare do it without? Like I said, of course.) and I hope I really get around to it--unlike my Tenyo post. Big ahem to that.
[Esther, my dear Esther, your post is being smidgened AS WE SPEAK. (correct, we're not speaking)]

To a future of conversations as precious as the one I just had. L'chaim!

*I changed that as we were chatting ;)


rutimizrachi said...

You are too cute for words.

Esther said...

Aww I feel neglected. I only get noted in parentheses. Like a by the way. Why don't you just put me in a footnote. Or the bibliography. Seeeeeriously...! Anyways, call me.

the sabra said...

Oysh in the original draft I had, you were not in parenthesis. But then it was sorta taking away from the Rutima & Abbavi post. Like I'm talking about everyone but them!
Fear not though--in your post you will be faaaaaaar away from parenthesis.

Bibliography? Sheesh that's like when you had the dedication/acknowledgment page of my photo book all worked out..LOL