Friday, October 03, 2008

O City of Spain


To breathe your air
To breathe your spirit
To draw from you and then effuse onto you

To walk your streets
To walk your lives
To draw from you and then extend onto you

To view your lights
To view your courage
To draw from you and then reflect onto you

To hear your sounds
To hear your conviction
To draw from you and then pour onto you

To deal your people
To deal your customs
To draw from you and then bestow onto you

To grasp your stones
To grasp your history
To draw from you and then lavish onto you

To return your past
To present your future
To draw from you and then bless onto you



rutimizrachi said...

What a lovely tribute! And the melody it makes in my mind is beautiful, and very old. Shkoiyach!

the sabra said...

hey thanks!

Rachel said...

Nice, Sab! Really nice. (Rutimizrachi is right about the melody, too.)

But what's with the "you"'s, Jew? Makes you sound like an outsider. You're a Jew, you're one of them too! ;)

the sabra said...

A Jew, yeh. But not a Sfard. I'm no Spaniard, hon.

This was my visit to their land and their past and ultimately how I will take what they died-and lived-for and only carry it further.

B'ezrat Hashem.

the sabra said...

(o and thanx. where's the melody though? how can e/o hears it but me?)

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

And for the gramarical record;

ספרד(Sefarad, or S'farad)- Is the name of the country.

ספרדים(Sefaradim, or S'faradim)- Are people (or Jews in this case) coming from there. Even saying 'S'far'dim' or 'S'fradi' is off, but definetely not 'Sfard' for a person!

...but aside from that; pretty neat poem sabra- way to go! : ). yay sefaradim!

Rachel said...

Nah, I think it's way too into the past for any Jew to consider themselves as somewhat of an outsider from that aspect of our history. Sorta like sitting through a course on the history of the [European] Jews in the Middle Ages... it's still your own.

But by all means, "carry it on" you shall.

the sabra said...

Eh! I make my own grammar-have you not yet paid attention?
I am exhilarated to be done with school and rules and literary guidelines. It's an era of messed-upness, of Sfards and of communitiness.

Glad you can join :)

the sabra said...

Disagree, Rachel.
But we are kinda saying the same thing--though it happened to you (them), it really is me. Cuz we're one. Hence, my mission.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

1. School is there to educate for life, not as a burden.

2. What the hell are you doing in Spain?

the sabra said...

1. Hated school. Always.
2. I'm not in Spain now.
3. I kept going back n forth between diff spellings of "sefaradim". I liked that way the best but it was too long, in English. I may just switch it back.

Rachel said...

Circa 1000, 90% of Jews lived in Muslim territory (Spreading from Saudia Arabia to Spain). By 1800, 80% of Jews lived under Christian rule.

I wouldn't rule out the probability of your actually coming from Spanish descent, even if you are currently Ashkenaz, unless you are a purebred stemming from that minority 10%. But then again, what do I know? I like drawing connections like that that may not even exist.

the sabra said...

I dunno if I can trust someone who's been rollin on the public..forgetting to hand out business cards...

es said...

In case you were wondering: I WAS in Spain. Sorry you missed it. It is a wonderful country. But next time you plan a trip there, plan for Barcelona over Madrid.