Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Terror Attack in Jerusalem

This evening at eleven p.m. a terrorist driving a black BMW plowed into a crowd of people on Shivte Yisrael street in Jerusalem, injuring 15, two seriously. The terrorist was shot and killed. I will, iy"h, bring you further information when it becomes available. (M'Naomi Ragen)

UPDATE (by Danny Brothers)

Let's take a look at the various headlines on this attack today here in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Post (pro-Israel): 15 Wounded In Terror Attack At Busy Jerusalem Intersection
BBC (historically anti-Israel): Jerusalem Terror 'Attack' Hurts 10
CNN (eh..): Jerusalem Driver Plows Into Crowd, Injures At Least 15
MSNBC (uber-liberal): Car Plows Into Soldiers In Jerusalem; 13 Hurt
Reuters (hilariously anti-Israel): Jerusalem Driver Wounds 19 In "Attack": Police

And the always trustworthy Fox "News"...

13 Israeli Soldiers Hurt In Palestinian Vehicle Attack

It's just funny how most of the headlines fail to mention who committed such a terrible crime, and how all of them besides JPost and Fox even go so far as to put qualifying quotations around the word attack! I mean, yes, if you want to put a quotation around "terror," fine, I understand your hesitation. But "attack"? Was this not an attack? Did a man not purposefully drive his vehicle into his enemy? Yes, it was an attack! And moreover, CNN and MSNBC fail to mention that it was even an attack of any sort at all.

UPDATE (IsraelNN.com)

Thirteen victims of Monday night's terrorist attack near Jerusalem's Old City remain hospitalized on Tuesday morning. One is in moderate to serious condition in Hadassah Ein Karem hospital, six in moderate and light condition are in Sha'arei Tzedek hospital, and six in moderate and light condition are in Hadassah Har HaTzofim.

Serious injuries are those that are life-threatening, while “moderate” refers to injuries that threaten a limb, eye, or internal organ but do not threaten the patient's life. All other injuries are referred to as “light,” even those leading to permanent scarring, the loss of digits, or permanent handicap.

UPDATE (IsraelNN.com)

The family of Kassem Salah Al-Mughrabi is calling for an investigation into the shooting death of the 19-year-old terrorist who tried to mow down a crowd of pedestrians with his BMW near the Jaffa Gate outside the Old City Monday night.

Voice of Israel government radio reported Tuesday that the family contends that Al-Mughrabi was murdered in cold blood by the off-duty IDF soldier who stopped the attack by shooting him, saying that he rammed his car into the crowd by accident.

An initial police investigation has uncovered a previously unknown link between the family and the Hamas terrorist organization. Al-Mughrabi's name was not known to intelligence or police forces.

UPDATE (Arutz7)

Shortly after the attack, a group of young hareidi-religious Jews gathered in a spontaneous protest near the scene of the incident. Protesters threw rocks and cursed at Arab passersby, calling out condemnations of the Arab presence in Jerusalem. The small mob was dispersed within a short time.

The terrorist was under 20 years of age and a resident of Jerusalem. Initial police investigation of the incident revealed that he carried out the attack alone. However, security forces are following all leads that may indicate a connection with Palestinian Authority terrorist organizations.

UPDATE (Joe Settler)

Terrorist attack in Kikar Tzahal in Jerusalem. 15-20 17 Wounded. Two seriously.

Arab terrorist drives through crowd of people.

Many Most of the injured are soldiers that were touring the Old City before Slichot.

Terrorist killed by first shot by armed civilian on Shivtei Yisrael Street, and then killed by soldiers an IDF Officer from the unit, and (perhaps) police

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