Friday, September 05, 2008

Sedatives; Soldiers; Sign-Language

They're good but bad.
They're good because they help; they're bad because it means help is needed.

It's like my post and comment about Chai Lifeline parties. 'Course you're happy to have them, but you'd be happier not to know of such things. Don't ever tell me to "cheer up" and be grateful. I am. I am grateful. I'm grateful but I wish I didn't have to be.

Sedatives, soldiers and sign-language: Good but bad.
They allow for positive feelings, situations and environments but they were created due to the existence of negative entities.

Sedatives calm an aggravated person.
Soldiers protect endangered lives.
Sign-language enables communication with a special-needs individual.

So they ease the negativities, they don't remedy them.
Irritation resurfaces, new enemies are born and mute people still can't talk.

Sedatives, I tolerate them cuz it doesn't really make me sad.
Soldiers, I love seeing them but it makes me sad.
Sign-language, I hate needing it and it makes me sad.

But really, all this is only about the sign-language.

Sign-language in the dark. Sign-language during davening. Sign-language under the blanket. Sign-language when frustrated. Sign-language when tired. Sign-language when hurt.
Sign-language altered. Sign-language learned. Sign-language forgotten.

I hate you, Sign-Language.


Der Shygetz said...


I have some very choice sign language for those who are commanding soldiers to throw Jews out of their homes in E"Y, but I do not think sedatives are the cause of the government's inaction when it comes to defense against anything besides what they term "religious coercion".

Gut shabbos!

mishmum said...

Oy! Oy for you.

For the present situation I am very grateful for it. B"h

Rachel said...


rutimizrachi said...

Great, poetic post. Nicely triadic. I am sorry I missed it before. Thanks for linking back to it.

Oh, yeah... and the content is important, too. Not just the style. ;-)

the sabra said...

Ye thanks. Like my other " 'About to swallow the bottle, but then s/o knocked.' 'Oh, who knocked?' " post...


the sabra said...

Wow, can definitely use this for the "Sheina" book.